Low Carb Angst.

Comin atcha like a hurricane wrapped in an earthquake wrapped in a tsunami.

11 June 1979
Ahwatukee, Arizona, United States
Interests: (92)
ancient religions, arcades, archaic weaponry, art, azgoth, being lazy, blues, brain damage films, buddhism, candles, carl jung, cenobyte, chains, channeling, cigarettes, clive barker, cnn, coffee, computers, concrete blonde, dana carvey, david bowie, denis leary, dennis miller, dungeons and dragons, dvds, eddie izzard, energy, evocation, fangoria, fear, film, film noir, george carlin, george romero, graveyards, guitars, gwar, haunted places, hellraiser, history, hockey, horror films, ihop, invader zim, invocation, jewelry, johnny macabre, kevin bacon game, king diamond, knives, kung fu films, magic the gathering, movie trivia, mysticism, necromancy, new rock boots, nietzsche, nightbreed, occult, paganism, philosophy, poetry, reading, rifts, robotech, rpg, sarcasm, science fiction, sex, shock rock, sleep, soccer, socrates, special effects, stand up comedy, star wars, swords, tattoos, texas chainsaw massacre, the dark ages, theology, tim burton, tom savini, troma, vampire films, video games, watching the news, wisdom, world war ii, writing, zombie films
About me..first and foremost.

This is a personal weblog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employer.

I live in my own subjective reality which I am convinced is the product of a 9 year old autistic boy.

Have fun reading but remember that these are my thoughts and words. I write them rarely for the purpose of "being seen", and alot of it is my personal venting and frustration relief source. If you don't like whatcha see? Don't read.